Major disaster

I had a major disaster. Unbeknownst to me my back up drive died and then my computer went belly up. I am only able to access files that are about three years old.
Is there any way to gain access to the files that I have uploaded to the app and download them to my computer?

There is not to my knowlage. The good news is you should be able to pull the drive out of the computer that died and recover your files.

This is why I keep 3 or more copies of things that are really important including at least one off-site.
Dropbox gives you a fair amount of cloud storage for free and butt loads if you pay.


Sorry to hear that. As mentioned before, the files are probably mostly recoverable from the HDD.

I’m moving this to problems and support, since there’s a tiny chance the GF people will be able to do something magic for you. (Although in general once a file goes up it doesn’t come down except as instructions for zapping.)

But as @markevans36301 said, if it’s the computer that went belly up, the drive inside it might be OK or at least recoverable. Similarly, there’s a chance (!) that the backup drive, removed from its outermost casing, might be mountable and recoverable in another box, depending on how it died.

Disk recovery services are not cheap, but for three years worth of your stuff might be worth investigating. Ugh.

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I’m so sorry for your woes. I sure know how I would feel if it happened to me. I hope you can figure out how to recover your files.

I may be mistaken, but I believe that moving topics into P&S doesn’t open a ticket. Only new topics create tickets.


Yikes! Definitely try to get your files from your hard drive. I occasionally copy files to my husband’s computer as a backup, have an external hard drive, and paid Dropbox.

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So, so sorry. We have all had those wake-up moments when we realize our back up plans have failed. I have had success getting stuff off hard drives, and I know professional services are much more capable than I am. When I have a file I really need to protect - beyond Dropbox and other cloud storage services, I email it to myself and let the email service keep it as well. Hope you are back in business soon.

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If you need to really get data from a drive recovered. I suggest Drive Savers.

it is NOT cheap. but you likely will get a lot of data back.

Hopefully it’s just your computer that died. In a lot of cases if the computer itself is what died (Won’t power on, no Video) and if the hard drive itself isn’t whats damaged, you can simply get a drive sled and plug the drive into a USB port and pull the data off it.
The same may go for your backup drive as well, If it’s the power supply that went on it you could maybe extract the drive and plug it into a sled and get data off of it.

If the drives themselves are damaged by dropping while running, making an odd noise like a scraping noise, and if the data is super critical, it is important to shut them down immediately. A drive with damaged heads or platters can quickly turn the insides to dust, and no amount of CSI witchcraft can bring those back.


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