Make a dream come true?

I had a dream that someone Lasered a Rube-Goldberg machine that eventually pressed the Print button.

I have a feeling my dream points to how needlessly complicated things are at work right now… but I was hoping someone might make this dream a reality and film it.



Actually, I think you did see it. :blush: Many months ago, one of the pre-release testers that was a video blogger (don’t remember which one) filmed a short video where he had rigged a robot to press the button. He may have taken it down since then, since this would be a poor idea from a safety perspective.

I had a dream that I was in a weird hotel trying to get ready to go out but people kept knocking on the door and interrupting me for stupid reasons, and I was getting increasingly frustrated because I had an invitation to lunch with Mark Zuckerberg. I think this was a weird metaphor for the snooze alarm.

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