Make - Laser Cut a Slot-Together Octopus Lamp



Fun little video:


I liked seeing the Fusion 360 bit, too.


Nice quick explanation of parametric design, too!


So cool


Very nice find. Loved the Fusion 360 part especially. Thanks for sharing! :smile:


Just so need to get some Fusion360 or OnShape skills to make things easier like this. Good explanation of engraving, layout and design. Very cool project.


So pumped to do stuff like this. Especially with my kids as they get older and can request and design their own things.


Very nice ! I was wondering why there were 12 notches for 8 legs - but he explained at the end…:octopus:


Anyone using Fusion360 in ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04 ?


Thanks for sharing that, it was very informative :smiley: