Make Magazine review of Glowforge


I’m still reading, but I wanted to share.

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Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending January 28th, 2017

Tease, tease, tease…The days seem to go by fast except when I think about when will my GF come! Go :glowforge: - Rich


I just hopped onto the forums to see if anyone else had posted this yet. I haven’t read it but was sure others would want to see it.


This is the reality of laser cutters: Unless they are damaged in shipping or are of low quality to begin with, they just work.

Is that true? I’ve never heard anybody say that before.


This just came across my feed as well. Glad that they felt it was worth the wait. :slight_smile:


Nice! I was looking forward to a review from Make! Good find!


I agree. Maybe it was a dis at 3d printers? Other than that I liked the article.


He had an interesting statement to those who have ordered the GF :glowforge:

“While I know a lot of customers and the community at large have lost some confidence in the Glowforge shipping, I would suggest holding out. It looks like the wait is almost over, and there is an amazing machine on its way.”

This is coming from a maker who has touched many a machine. :thumbsup:


I liked that.


The link address is kinda funny though: ‘glowforge-almost-worth-wait’. Ha.


OH YEAH!! That’s the ticket


I liked this quote:

For a fun, almost gimmick feature, the Glowforge could scan a sketch on a sheet of material and then cut or engrave that sketch with minimal user input.



That is not my experience, or that of anyone I know. :slight_smile:


Thank you - it was great to read that


Someone never bought a K40 on ebay !! :dizzy_face:


I think the clause “or are of low quality to begin with” covers K40’s on eBay.


Correct. Does anyone think Trotecs or Epilogs don’t just work? That’s part of what you pay for. Cheap Chinese lasers are cheap for a reason and don’t exhibit the same initial user experience as a “real” or professional grade laser.


Most of the lasers being sold have public user manuals - it’s easy enough to read it and see if you have to align the laser yourself, which I’d recommend if you’re thinking about buying one.

(We’re working on ours - it’s not quite to the point where we’re proud of it yet)



Just… Yeah. What @dan said.

My scrap bin is full of failures and I have gotten scary good at re-lining prints up.


More like someone’s never had their power supply go out mid-print on a Universal Laser. :joy: