Make Something: 100 Year Old Finger Box


Glowforge makes its appearance here:

Way to go @makesomething! Nice use of the Glowforge.

Wood Inlay Seahawks Coasters

Awesome box! :grinning:


These are so wonderful. I played with them as a child (less than 100 years ago) but I haven’t seen a box like this in years.


Wow, really nice!


I think you could do the whole box with a Pro in pine or some other less dense wood.


Thank you! Now I’m wondering if the whole project could have been done on the Glowforge!


I was really tempted to try just the glowforge after watching your video, it definitely inspired me. I really liked the Forstner bit solution. I’ve been looking for a graphic more local to me before I give it a go.


I’m about to start making finger jointed boxes myself, not on the laser though. They should be easy enough to do on the Tablesaw, the finger joints made on a laser scream “I WAS LASERED!” I think the combo of old school and new will look great


This is great! You could always sand the edges to give the illusion of a non lasered product. Love Make Something.


I didn’t know you were on this forum… watch your vids all the time… awesome work!


Two reasons to watch this video:

  1. Cool project showing the Glowforge in a workflow with other tools
  2. Safety Elvis (Just watch it…trust me…ha ha)


Yeah, I thought that solution for the finger pull was a really good one.


If it’s because of the burn, just make the fingers longer and after assembly run it against a sander to sand off the burn. You’re left with fresh unburned wood :slight_smile:


That’s what I was yelling at the screen while watching you cut the finger joints :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: “You have a Glowforge man, why aren’t you using that instead!” The jig for table saw is great though. Great project, great video as always.
I really love your shop setup, really need to reorganize my shop at home.


I can’t wait to try it. There is still a dark line between the joints though.


Yep Elvis makes an appearance!