[MakeCNC] F4U Corsair Plane


Here’s another MakeCNC model I cut. The pattern is available to purchase here. Additional pictures and a quick write up is available on my blog.

F4U Redux

That… is… beautiful!


I so need this… That is by far my favorite aircraft from the WWII era.


GREAT JOB!!! Looks amazing!


Man, that turned out NICE! Quick question @Cole … did you use the 1/8” or 3mm pattern on this?



Some of the pieces my friend claimed needed to be sanded to make it fit. I personally think that brute force coulda been applied in some circumstances, but he’s the one that actually put it together. Alternately you could scale the model by a small amount and probably make it fit together a little easier.


When you purchase the pattern … is it a one-time use or is it useable multiple times? Looks great! Very nice assembly job. :1st_place_medal:


This gives me way too many ideas that could consume way too much time…


Curious about how much it weighs, with all those layers.


You are sent an email after purchase with the download links… they expire after 3 days.


Pappy Boyington would be proud Semper Fi!


My favorite airplane of all time! That is now on my “must make” list.

Beautiful work.


You’re allowed to print up to 50 copies. After that they ask you to repurchase the pattern for every 50 copies you make.


You beat me to the post for almost exactly my response!


Very good. I love how the strips shape the lifting surface of the wings. Now my gears are turning.


It weighs a pretty good amount. I haven’t put it on the scale, but it’s quite sturdy feeling. I’d say its probably about the weight of 1.5 sheets of walnut plywood.


One of those moments when you look at a build and just go… WOW!




This is really awesome and thanks for the site!

I’m trying to make a list of material suppliers and files while I await my GF. Soon…


I’d buy that for a dollar… in the GF design catalogue.