[MakeCNC] F4U Corsair Plane

That is awesome

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Sweet! :sunglasses:

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Just made one! Took about 45 minutes to cut and all evening to assemble. Will post a pic tomorrow. Thanks again for the inspiration and a reminder about MakeCNC!


For anyone who didn’t catch jj’s post or for the convenience of those who find this post later, here is a link to his build of this plane:

Wow … gorgeous!

just off the assembly line. This is the P-51 which only required a little jiggering >> fortunately it was in my modest range of skill. FLY SAFE! :sunglasses:


Nice! What material did you use?

This thread is so nostalgic for me. I had a model Corsair and Mustang hanging in my bedroom as a kid. Add an F-15 and an SR-71, and the collection is complete.

(Mine were not this cool, though…)


Just some inexpensive 1/8” plywood from Home Depot ($9/sheet). No tape. No fuss. No muss. .107” / cut 220/full and score 350/35. A loose fit but easy for trial assembly and then just a little glue.

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Took a design from Thingiverse downloaded the SVG file … imported to InkScape … did a few rudimentary processes (have minimal skills) … cut and learned the assembly steps … then measured the spacing for the joints and compared to the thickness of my material (cheap $10 a heat plywood rom HD) … in this case .107” thick and joint spacing .142” —> the reduced the SVG to 85%. Tighter fit and I can cut one model from a 12x12 sheet. Next decorative scoring and a paint scheme.


Oh, that’s cute! :grinning: