MakeCNC Lifetime Subscription Sale

This might be worthwhile; they have a lot of cool designs.


Link didn’t work but the website shows a Lifetime subscription for $2000.00. Little out of my price range

Huh. Here’s the text:

Hello MakeCNC Customers !!!

We Hope You are All Staying Safe and Well During these Stressful and Trying Times.**

PLEASE READ FULLY to Understand the Entire Offer Clearly

and Then Click a Banner to Email Julie !!!

Hello All! Paul Campbell here from makeCNC.

Today, November 1st, makeCNC is Announcing a New

Promotion that is Unprecedented!

As You more than likely Know makeCNC has Thousands of Patterns

Online, Well Over 12-14 Thousand Dollars in Retail Patterns with New

Patterns being added every Month with Quarterly Updates.

You Also May be Aware that We have a Lifetime Subscription that

We Offer for $2000 that gets You All Our Patterns and Those that come

as long as We are in Business.

We have been Online for Nearly Ten Years and with Hard Work We will be

Here for Many More Years to Come.

As You all Know this Past Year has been the Most Trying in a Generation

with all the Issues and Health Problems the World is Facing.

This has put a Strain on Many Folks Financial Situations and Many People

are Trying new Ways to make a Living using Lasers and CNC Routers and

even Scroll Saws and other Crafts to make Products and Sell them.

And, of course, Many other Folks are Finding that During the Lock Downs

and other Things going on that They have Time on Their Hands and are

Learning New Skills and Trying New Hobbies.

To get to the Point, if We are able to Take all the Emails and Messages

We get as Truth then a Lot of our Customers would Love to have a

Lifetime Subscription but Just Can’t afford the Cost of Coming up

with the $2,000 to get in the Door.

We Do Run some Pretty Good Sales at Times but even Then it is a

Stretch to come up with Over a Thousand or $1,500 to Get In.

So I Talked with Julie and We are Going to Try and Help You While also

Making sure the Risk to Us is Workable because Many of You Shop in

our Store Often and if You buy a Lifetime Subscription then We lose You as

a Regular Customer so We Need to make Sure We have a Cushion to

Allow Time for New Customers to Shop with Us and Keep our Income

Stable Enough to Keep MakeCNC Going.

So Here it is: Today is the First of November in 2020.

From This Date Till Black Friday We Will take Names and Pledges from

our Customers for $499. Yup. Just $499 which is Close to the Price of

Just One Mega Pack. If We Reach 100 Sales By November 30th or Before

Then You Customers Who Signed up all get a Lifetime Subscription for

just $499 Each.

This is Just a No Brainer if You Like our Patterns.

Here is What You do to be In.

Just Click This Link or any Banner and Email Julie with the Words

"I Am In" and She will Add You to the List.

Here are the Terms…

Please do Not Email if You are Not able to Pay

by the End of this Month.

First: Payment will Only be Charged if We Reach our Goal of

100 Participants.

Second: If We do not Reach this Goal of 100 Participants by

November 30th then This Offer Will be Void.

Third: We will Send our Regular Updates to let You all Know

how the Promotion is Going.

Fourth: We Will have a Normal Black Friday Sale this Year as Well.

This is a One Time Promotion to Try and Assist our Long Time

Customers and Help Keep our Team Employed as well

During these Trying Times.

Happy CNC’ing to You All!

With Much Care,

Paul and Julie & the MakeCNC Team

And, As Always, Happy CNC’ing to All of You from Paul and

Julie and the Crew here at make CNC !!!

Stay Well and Safe Folks !!!

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The link you posted worked for me…but all those additional caps in the text were driving me crazy.

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I’m sorry to say I have purchased several of their files and found them incompatible with the GF. I could not pull the shapes apart to make them fit on the bed.

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I actually tried to sentence-case it, but my app that does that apparently hasn’t kept up with MacOS, and doesn’t work anymore. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They’re not always drag & drop ready for the GF. They often take work to split across multiple files so you can fit them and the sizing & kerf adjustments are all still issues you’ll need to deal with. They’re nice starter files but they’re not Cricut or Silhouette type of ready-to-print.

This is the second special deal they’ve run this year. The last one was so they could merge their two sites’ content together and provide 1 subscription fee for all the content. The lifetime subscription was supposed to go up last year but it didn’t and it hasn’t this year so this special is another play on the same FOMO that folks were accusing GF of for the Premium subscription. If you’re using their files and you can find $500 worth of them that you would really want then it’s a good deal but if you’re just worried you might someday want $500 worth of the files then you might want to give it another thought (that’s 3 years of GF Premium).

There are some lifetime subscribers (the $1500/$2000 version) here if I recall correctly. It would be interesting to know if they’ve every used that many of the files. I’d also be interested in the overlap with Steve Good’s files and even a lot of scrollsaw pattern books out there as well.


I have purchased several of his files and they work great (sometimes a tweak or two are needed… but hey, they are priced right)


One thing to remember when evaluating this offer is that they are always adding content to their offerings so you will not only have access to all of the files currently available but to all additional files that become part of their offerings in the future.

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For those interested in this offer, don’t wait. I received my invoice yesterday because they have reached their goal of 100 subscribers and the offer ends at midnight on Friday 13.

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