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Hey folks,

Well I’ve had my forge for 2 weeks now…sorry for not posting sooner, I’ve been spending all my freetime with my new toy. I wanted to share some of the projects I’ve been working on. First up are a lot of small projects I made from They have super reasonably priced models and each one comes with an assembly guide to walk you through putting it together. Some of their models are scaled a little large, so make sure to check the size before you buy as some are too large for the forge. I bought a lifetime subscription while waiting for the forge with the intent of reselling them. Based on reactions I’ve had around the office, I think I may actually be able to do so if I ever get my act together. Well without further ado, my prints:

Minipuzzles - frog and turtle

Monarch butterfly

An alosauraus or something like that…its a dinosaur.

My personal favorite because it moves…a gimbal

The monarch is proofgrade hardwood maple. The darker ones are baltic birch finished with watco dark walnut danish oil finish. I had some scrap prestained from box that I had messed up on, so I cut these small fun office desk toys. I have more but they’re at my work office and I don’t have pictures. I’ll add more here on Monday when I have the chance to take some pictures.


MakeCNC is one of my fave sources for laser/CNC/scrollsaw files!


Like that globe! Very nice! :grinning:


Yes, the gimbal is very nice. I really like that dinosaur too–it’s a nice change from the usual brontosaurus that you see all over.


Ah yes, if you look closely in the dino picture, you can see in the background I also have the usual brontosaurus behind my coffee cup.

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Great resource! I was not familiar, but will keep this in mind. These are fun!

Here’s a few more simple models that I printed out to use up some scrap material.





You’re getting much more fun use out of your scraps that I do! :smile:

I’m new to everything, and I’ve just purchased my first CNC file. They send a number of different file types - which should I use? I notice the colors they have for engraving, are the color for cutting in glowforge - I’m afraid to “print” the file as is - because it seems like it will make the glowforge cut where its supposed to be engraving etc.,

[quote=“Cole, post:1, topic:14761”]
An alosauraus or something like that