#MakeMineMilkshake (aka halftone study)


I friend of mine and her hubby are prominent artists for Marvel and they got me thinking about halftones and old-fashioned comics. It was kismet as yesterday I was putting together this little file to see how halftones translate on the laser and today I learned some cool women in the comic industry were bashed a few days ago by some insecure men-boys. If I would have know earlier, I would have put a milkshake in the pic :slight_smile: :milk_glass::ice_cream:

This was my first use of :proofgrade: draftboard and it’s cool stuff. Want to try a painted/lasered version next time.

The halftones get denser in each pic. I kinda like the first one the best.


These are amazing! They turned out beautifully! I like the first one best, too.


Those are awesome! My fave is the first one as well!


so cool. the first one definitely pops more and i agree, i probably like it best. but i think it especially looks good as part of a triptych of varying density like this.


These are really impressive etchings!

I am not sure if we are using the same terminology here, but ‘bashed’ in Oz means to be physically attacked (and usually in a cowardly manner)
I certainly hope that is not the case and that your artist friends are alright!


it was online. men being childish idiots because how dare a woman work in comics i mean the nerve


Wow, they look great! I bought some of the Draftboard but have yet to use it so far. You are inspiring me!


I’ve been wanting to play with halftones - this is a great inspiration to get started on it! They look great!


That particular usage means more along the lines of insulted, criticized, belittled.


These are great! My father is a big popart collector and he has multiple Roy Lichtenstein screen prints. These are of course based of of half tone comic strips. (I even have a couple myself!) Great idea for a gift.

I had another idea. What about an acrylic piece. Inlayed pieces and duotone acrylic engraved…



Neat tests!


A fine idea!


Holy wow, I love love love these. I think I like the first one best too, but they’re all amazing.


I like the first one the best too.


Fantastic! The halftones turned out clean and crisp. I’d love to see them reproduced with colored acrylic. Hope you experiment more (and post the results in this forum)!


Yes! Looks great to me! I love halftone artwork


Love it, I think the 2nd has more drama while the 1st one has a nice blush to the cheek.


LOVE! Super cool :slight_smile: