Maker Date Engrave/Score

Wanted to mark our items with a date … came up with this. Glowmeister is the name of our Glowforge. Here is the test on Medium Draftboard.

Again, I’m using Silhouette Cameo Designer software, saving it as a .studio3 file, and then converting it to an .svg file for the Glowforge.



After the save to studio file, how are you converting to .svg?

I use the following website:

  1. Choose file … browse to your saved location to select
  2. Convert Studio to SVG
  3. Click on the download link for the newly created SVG … then right click “SAVE AS”

You can convert 10 files per day.


Thanks! bookmarked. Which version of Cameo are you using 4 or 3?

Usually use 3 on my main computer … but, have 4 on a laptop if I want to tinker with a new feature.

So, usually use 3.

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I do almost all of my designing in Silhouette Studio. I upgraded to v4 Business Edition and love it. The Business Edition has direct export to SVG and pdf. In my opinion, their trace feature is also outstanding. - better than many other programs. There are some limitations on exporting items bought in their design store, but trace provides an easy work around. The program provides a nice midpoint of cost/ease of use between Illistrator and Inkscape.

It is a very nice vector editor. If you are struggling with the Inkscape user interface and ongoing cost of Illustrator you should try the free edition it even if you don’t have a Silhouette cutting machine. You can usethe link that @ptodd recommended if you don’t want to spend money for an upgrade. Here’s a link to their software site. It also has some nice introductory videos showing each feature.


It hadn’t occurred to use the Silhouette software for :glowforge: work, but that’s where most of the designs I want to do reside there. So it looks like an upgrade to the Business Edition will save me a lot of time.

And while I have Inkscape, GIMP, Affinity Designer, etc. its all about having choices!



Looks like a great date! :grinning:

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I did consider upgrading to the Business Edition … but, it’s so quick to convert a file, that it doesn’t bother me. Like to put my $$'s towards materials as much as possible. (Although, will no doubt reconsider down the road). :grinning:


What a great idea! So far I haven’t been signing my pieces, but that really needs to change. I ought to design a personal logo.


I can definitely understand that. The SVG/pdf import and export were big drivers for my upgrade, but the conical warp feature for straightening graphics and text for things like for glassware stencils has been great. Text looks funny when cut, but applies to things like pint glasses perfectly.

Since you brought up Silhouette Studio, I was mainly bringing the free edition as an option for those new to vector design that find the Inkscape UI too intimidating and Illustrator too expensive. Probably could have started a new topic. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just upgraded and see that just about all of the added Business Features will make life easier in my future :glowforge: endeavors. Specifically the “Tile” , “Nesting”, “Matrix Copy” and “Export and Import” options.

Tile should help take advantage of the Pro passthru as well as nesting (just keep pushing media through :smile:. Matrix Copy will let me do dogtags, keychain stuff quickly.

Thanks again! Can’t wait! AFAIK there’s only 3 :glowforge: owners in the Carribean (at least on the map)

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I just did that myself last week. Made one with mine and with my brother’s name to go on the back of engraving of his artwork.


Thanks for this website! I’ve been lasering all day thanks to you. Just messing around with a small image, playing with engrave and score on different materials. The converter has worked on everything so far!

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Glad you were able to make use of it!

There’s a limit of 10 a day … I haven’t needed that many in a day so far.

I’m glad you posted that again - we had seen it a couple of years back but I lost track of it. I went ahead and added it to the Matrix so we don’t lose it again. :ok_hand::grinning:

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