Maker Faire Bay Area this year?


Any 'Forgers heading to San Mateo this May? Is Glowforge going to have a booth?

Contemplating a little family outing again…last time @Snowjax came back and bought a machine of her own. :grin:


I saw Epilog at Nano SF today but no Glowforge! It would be so fun to have a meetup at Maker Faire.


I’ll be going this year just to enjoy. I’ve displayed before but found I didn’t have any time to look at all the things!


I’d love to return but I think Inneed to do KC or Chicago. A little closer and I can drive.


I think we’ll be there again!


I will be there as a spectator.


I’ll be going (just as an attendee…)

Ooh, can I bring something to add to the Glowforge booth?



I’ll be there showing in the dark room!


Cool! We’ll have to stop by! :blush:


So this is a late reply, but yeah :smiley: I’ll be an exhibit. I wanted a glowforge in particular to travel with it in a converted shuttle bus. It works great and we’ll be there!


Cool, I’ll come look for you!


Wow! This looks really neat. :grin:


Super cool!