Maker Faire Halts Operations

Make Shut down

Tragic! The community is resilient but still, a terrible thing…


Definitely a bummer!

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It’s very sad - I never managed to make a BAMF. Hope something great comes up in its place.

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Weirdly I got an email for Atlanta maker faire well after this announcement.

The way I understand it is that there will be no more ‘Flagship’ Maker Faires. That doesn’t mean the ‘mini’ and ‘featured’ Maker Faires are dead, though: the ‘Maker Faire’ trademark is simply licensed out to those organizers.


and i don’t think it is stopping the ones that were already planned. i’ll be curious to see if the local orgs still function next year but under a different name.


Did read today that the “New York World” version is off.

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