Maker Faire Humble Book Bundle May 2017



For anybody with kids, or who knows somebody with kids, or who is a kid at heart yourself, you might be interested in this deal from Humble Bundle. It ends at the end of May 2017.

Humble Book Bundle: Make: Essentials

There are 3 tiers of donation you can do, with some of the money going to charity. For the record: I do not have any type of business relationship with these guys and I have no incentive to share. It just looks like something some of you might be interested in. I have bought from them in the past and will be getting this deal as well.

There is a bonus of $10 off print and $5 off digital subscription to Make: magazine if you spend at least $8. All US funds.


oh thanks for linking this! i saw it the other day and said i’d do it later and naturally forgot.


Wow, thanks! Just ordered.


I’ve bought a number of their humble games bundles over the years.


Thanks for sharing. Just purchased! :smiley:


Ooh, thanks - got one too!


Only a few of them look directed at kids, otherwise all that is just straight up learning stuff for all ages. Good find.


Just bought it. Awesome post, thanks @hansepe!


I also picked it up. :smiley: Thanks for the heads up! :smiley: