Maker Jargon for 2021

This could come in handy and raise your workbench cred with the other makers around here.

Via Boingboing by Gareth Branwyn. I know there are some words here we all use regularly and I bet we could help him expand the list.

I don’t think zooms and pews ever caught on here but it was a valiant effort.


I guess folk think pews references your line of work?


I always felt like z&p was confusing, especially for newcomers/beginners and (likely) people who have different ways of reading like visual impairment, neurodivergence, and people who don’t speak English as a primary language. It also confuses search results to a degree.

I’m sure that it may have some upsides in terms of being “fun”, but I never felt like that outweighed the negatives.


Though it did make obvious the non-real measurements that gf began using as it forced people to stop and think about it as it wasn’t “speed” in a recognized measurable rate, nor “power” in a recognized standard of measurement.

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Eh. If you have to explain why your idea is useful and clear, it isn’t either.

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