Maker Space Advice - GF Placement Tips

Is there anything or placement advice should be aware of for my April GF Basic Arrival? Does it need a clean (No dust) makerspace? Thanks!!!

I’m building a maker space in my garage called the hackLAB to mentor and sponsor pre-teens that can’t afford design camps.

Here’s my Channel and my pathetic frustration with building the space.

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No. It’ll fill itself with dust and gunk on the first cut.


What Mark says is true, however, I had an exhaust blockage that restricted airflow, and it occurs to me the same could prove true with the intake. Looking straight up into the intake from the bottom, I can see the fins of the radiator (heat exchanger) and an accumulation of sawdust could do the same face loading and cause a heat issue, so I would be cautious about operating the machine with a lot of airborne dust in the area. It would take a long time for that to happen, but just my opinion.

I really like your mission man. Great idea, and I think all of your work toward that end will make a big difference in your life and many young people too. Keep after it, your degree of success will directly relate to how much of yourself you pour into it. Good Luck!