Maker TV and Youtube- I miss Norm


So I along with the majority members on here, I’m guessing, watch makers on YouTube for inspiration and enjoyment. However my favourite maker show hands down was the New Yankee Workshop. I think those makers on YouTube do an awesome job but due to funding they can’t be quite as polished. I see a Spike and Adam Corolla have a new show coming. I’m not optimistic it will be great, but happy to be wrong. Who’s your favorite maker on video and why?


A YouTube channel, SV Seeker. Building a large steel boat. Versitile, well equipped and smart. He built a multi-function CNC, and has a great shop.


That is one impressive boat! I can’t imagine the hours that have gone into it.


There was a thread on favorite YouTube channels a couple months ago:


There has never been anything like YouTube. Something like 300 hours a minute is uploaded.
That quarter panel replacement on my mustang - Searched right rear quarter panel replacement on '66 mustang. Bang. 4 of that particular subject in seconds. There is also a spectrum of quality and knowledge everywhere, so YMMV, but rest assured - what you need can be found there.


yes, he has been after it for a while now.
One thing that impresses me about him is making a tool he needs is no problem. He has quite a following, people come to watch, learn and help him. He started by himself, but now has a team.
I’m wondering how he will move that thing.


Jimmy Diresta often compares his previous life in Television with his new life in YouTube. And I have to agree with him that YouTube is the better by miles.

Where TV may have budgets and polish, YouTube has content and passion. There are plenty of people who also have polish, but there is also that gigantic supply of people who finally don’t need to have a budget and polish to share what is still worthwhile for learning.


This Old Tony


Anyone remember the furniture guys on TLC? Like Click and Clack but with furniture instead of cars.


I remember those guys.


They’re making a new series. No kidding!


Men in toolbelts! Loved them! Wish they did YouTube! They pulled off cross dressing great! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Killing me!!! What is it ???


A friend and I, Both makers but having different skill sets are planning on starting a series. The basic idea is we meet in the morning and from 2 hats draw a descriptive word or phrase and a noun. We then have 12 hours to design and produce what we drew from the hats. We will have guest makers and edit the whole thing down to about 20min.

What do you think?


ummmmm how do we sign up to be a guest maker?


Got to shoot our first show first! Should be within the month. But I guess just show up on the right day:slight_smile: if you are really interested shoot me a PM


Totally random, but “This Old House” is on my 50mi bike route (they are on the back perimeter road of Hanscom AFB in Bedford MA)… Love those guys (“unlimited” budget is always impressive)



I haven’t seen those guys in 15+ years.


Would be great as long as you focus on the skills and not the drama. Arg, TV these days. That’s why YouTube is golden.