Makerspace open, Glowforge is ready to rock!


The Glowforge was the belle of the ball at the grand opening of the makerspace I’ve been working hard to create! Thanks everyone for the help, support, encouragement, tips, and everything else. Now the fun starts!


That is fantastic! I am delighted to see your dreaming and planning come about. Congratulations on realizing a vision


Where’s the 3D printer? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(Kidding. Looks great and I’m glad you made it!). :smile:


That is great! Love the space you’ve created.


Such great news. Your space looks beautiful. You did it!


Congratulations! Looks like a bunch of happy people.


Hey! Great looking space man. Big! Off to a flying start :scissors::triangular_ruler::nut_and_bolt::hammer_and_wrench::gear::sunglasses:


I’m fond of the cabinets with pictures of what should be on the shelves inside!


Oh yeah, forgot a couple pics!


Whew! Okay then…carry on. :smile:


Holy Crap. Way cool.


That’s fantastic!