Making a Copy doesn't work anymore :-(

So I am trying to recreate an item similar to a previously made item. I’d like to NOT have to recreate it from scratch, but for some reason after the last upgrade (1-2 days ago) the app doesn’t allow me to Make A Copy. When I click on the little upper right arrow in my design box it gives me the option and even highlights it, but when I click on it and it says “Making a Copy” I can let it sit there for a long time and it will NEVER make a copy. Does anyone have a workaround or know when this might be fixed??? Thank you!

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Try selecting what you want to copy, them ctrl c and ctrl v to make a copy. (PC, don’t know Mac keys)

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i think the OP means making a copy of an entire job at the home screen. that’s a different thing.

I’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work on my PC. :frowning:


I’m having this same issue. So…I had to copy and paste within the same project. I moved my originals out of the workspace to keep the settings.

Yes, I’ve used that temporary work around, but because they are different projects I’d hoped to have the designs as separate entities as I have done previously.

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oh, I totally agree with you! The work around is just a work around. I prefer to copy the project so that my naming convention is specific to that single project. I hope this issue is resolved.

I’m having the same issue. Hope it is fixed soon. I need to make multiple changes to design and I’m afraid I’m going to screw up my original design by mistake.

I’m seeing the same thing.

It would also be REALLY helpful if there were folders within the app to “file” the designs in specific categories…

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Same problem!

i can validate as well. not working for me.

Ditto. Using updated Chrome it greys out but never completes

I’m sorry for the frustration while working on your design in the Glowforge App. I see you’ve emailed us about this, and I’ve sent you a response there, so I’m going to close this thread.

For everyone else on this thread experiencing the same behavior, please know that we’re seeing this too, and the team is looking into it now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.