Making a light fixture with acrylic circles

I’m using Glowforge to print out different size circles that hook together using slots. They will forum a “shade” over a hanging light bulb to make a light fixture for my foyer. But I can’t get the circles to be sturdy. They need to not move. I don’t know if both the hooked-into-circle and the hooking-circle should both have intersecting slots. I have made the slots the width the acrylic and smaller. Any suggestions?

Yes, your best bet is if both pieces are slotted - which is how the Acrylic Barrel Lamp in the Glowforge catalog is designed. It is very stable.

Also the tighter your kerf the steadier it’ll be. Putting tiny circles in the corners of your cuts will take the pressure off the corners.

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I saw a neat joint you might like, it is a slot with two bump ins, and the second piece has a hole/divot to fit. If you had two bump-ins and divots, it would be a nice pressure lock. I saw it from Slot Together Mechanisms – Rob Ives, the sight has a video on how to make the joint too.

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