Making a Logo for learning new things

I have block letters. But when I assign a color to the Logo the areas of the letters (center of A) seem to be colored for the engrave. I need them to be skipped. I cant seem to figure out how to load a file here for viewing.

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This might help. Ignore my posts, they were wrong.

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Right-click your file and ‘Send to (zipped) folder’, then you can drag and drop it here.

As with all fonts, you can’t always trust the path they generate. In inkscape, it is a good idea to post process text a bit, either with a union or in some cases an exclusion or difference — it depends on the specifics of the typeface and resulting paths.

Next time it’d help if you say a bit more about what you’ve tried so far and what software you’re using.

font editing didn’t really work so I simply used as a bitmap and engraved as needed. Sometimes I just over think the situation.

Thanks for suggestions

The center of the A needs to be subtracted out (as in null fill) in order to not engrave, and the method for doing that changes depending on which vector design software you are using. (Which is why folks were asking - so they could direct you to the correct instructions.)

Or you can rasterize it if you prefer. It’s the easy way around it, and you already discovered it, so have fun! :slightly_smiling_face:

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