Making a record

OK… OK before the warning about PVC, etc, I KNOW! VERBOTEN

I am trying to make a ‘gold record’ award, and make my own "records’ out of acrylic
and playing with vectors and gradients to get the effect of a record

and the question popped into my mind… CAN YOU MAKE A RECORD on the GF?
using variable power to ‘burn the grooves’ – @evansd2 ?


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It’s been done, though I don’t know if it was done on a glowforge.

Among others.

Google will fill in the blanks.


Instructables my alma mater!


This might help you on your quest to make it look like a record :slight_smile:


THANKS! - Yea, I was working on the tech to LOOK like a record, then I would get all the sizes, I could try scoring a piece of acrylic 2000 times, but I am concerned my GF would explode :slight_smile:

This question plagued me for a while. I was looking at different sound recording programs to see it I can burn depth with a vary powerbased on color…then at some point, I read somewhere that it worked best by having a machine scratch it in, and that a laser could do it, but the grooves would need to be really close and would cause issues with melting and heat…I wanted to use black acrylic.

Anyways, at that point, it was too much effort for me since I really know absolutely nothing about music (the whole thing was an idea for a father’s day gift, but I went a different direction for my father instead). If you can figure it out, that would be very cool. I’d like to hear that.


With help from you awesome nerds I pressed my first GOLD record (using two toned acrylic)

Label and center insert to follow!



Quick & Dirty Label Test

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NOW THAT was fun!!!


Glad you brought this kind of project back up to the foreground. I like the idea of a gold record. Off to source from appropriate acrylic.

Just need to get that paper label cut with the laser! :wink:

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the GF NOW SUPPORTS paper!!! – Muhahahahahaha
I actually cheated and created a copy of the record .svg, using the circles it has for cut and change it to paper cut!!


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