Making cut lines

Hi I designed this in inkscape… I don’t know what I’m doing lol. How can I change the cut and engrave settings? Hopefully the pic is good enough to see upper left corner.
I want everything engraved except the outline/octagon shape (I realize there’s 2 outlines but I couldn’t figure that part out either-I’m ok with that).


I can’t see a second outline (photos too small), but if you can see them, just delete one of them. The outline needs to be 1) a vector line, not a bit map. and 2) needs to be changed to a different color than the rest of the design.

The Glowforge will only differentiate between different steps if each step is a different color. Once you’ve changed the color, it will show up separately in the steps down the left side and you can change it to ‘cut’.


I think @Xabbess has given you sound advice. I would note that the forum is a family friendly group and the text of your design is outside of those bounds.


Thank you for your help!
I don’t know how to determine vector line vs bit map? Is that something I can do in inkscape? As far as color goes, in inkscape it was all black. If I change to red and blue there, will it transfer to glowforge app?

Yes, change the colour of the outline so the GF can give it its own operation.
If you created it in inkscape, save it as a .svg
If you brought it in from somewhere else to inkscape and it is not already in vector format you have to do “trace bit map” to make it so.

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I don’t use Inkscape, but the general principals are the same. I’m not able to help you with it right now, but perhaps someone else will be.
As @dklgood suggested, it would be a good idea to edit your post to remove the image (bad language).

Hey all I took off the black and white clear image. Hope this is acceptable until I can get the project done and I will delete post.

Assuming you want to have the perimeter engraved, you need to duplicate just the very outmost line and set that to a different color. Cut that step, and engrave the rest. Suggest you move the cut to last.


Always cut last.

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