Making electronics enclosures is more fun

When I first started building a CNC, I had to make an enclosure for the electronics by hand–at the time, the CNC wasn’t operational, and I had nothing else. Then, I made an enclosure with the CNC itself, which was ok. Recently, I have been switching my machines to a Planet-CNC USB Controller, instead of the opensource controllers that I have used in the past, with which I have never been happy.

The GF made prototyping new enclosures so much easier, quicker and fun. Inspired by the pictures of the yet-to-be-released Apex Controller from OpenBuilds, I decided to make a new enclosure that I could copy for each of my CNC machines.

Made with some spare V-Slot aluminum extrusion, Proofgrade Thick Clear Acrylic (for the bottom) and Proofgrade Medium Green Acrylic, I now have a nicer enclosure that looks way too nice for my incredibly messy garage workshop. Now, I just have to mount two more stepper drivers and finish wiring it up.

Yes, I named one of my CNCs ‘Elexa.’ No, it has nothing to do with Amazon’s Alexa.


Sure looks great!

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That is beautiful. If you’ve ever got the time, I’d LOVE someone with your ability make some kind of tutorial video or something showing how you design and put one together. I have a lot of cases like these that need to be made for various things, and seeing your work flow would be EXTREMELY helpful. Or maybe point to any videos that may have helped you through the process?


I’ve been rebuilding this thing multiple times, using Fusion 360 and Illustrator specifically to work out the best and easiest workflow. I think I would really enjoy making some tutorials from start to finish, but I want to make sure that I’ve got it down well. In the past, I would design things in F360 to be quick and easy, without any real thought about reuse or proper technique. I may try to do one or two over my holiday break to see if I can do something useful. I’ll let everyone know.


Do you have a youtube channel I could follow, just in case you post one?

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you did a great job on that enclosure. I hope the electronic cover plates and enclosures I have to make come out looking that good. :smiley:

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Very clean! Nice work man!

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Love the design, great attention to the little details that make something shine - nice work !

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Awesome! Sounds like this could inspire a garage cleaning spree. :slight_smile:

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Turned out just great! :grinning:

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Since @willcfc asked about the Youtube channel here, I’m linking to this post.