Making Excuses

A friend carries around 3D printed tokens that say “TOIT” on the front. They are about 1.5 inches in diameter and he loves to hand them to you when you say “When I get around to it.” I told my girlfriend about it and she loved the idea, apparently it comes from Brian Casey, a motivational speaker. So I made her my own version, with the logo of her business on the back. I am still working on learning how to get all the settings correct, but this is defaults on PG maple hardwood.



On, settings… From my own experience with 1/8" maple :proofgrade:, you don’t want to do darkest on the front AND darkest on the back. You’ll burn right through that way because the engraving is so awesome. Lesson learned the hard way. :wink:


Actually, I believe It started on the Simon Bates radio show on Radio 1 in the UK, way back in the 80s. People used to ring/write in sayin things like ‘My husband has been promising to paint the bathroom/varnish the cat/ment the shed for years. Whenever I ask him to do it he says “When I get around to it!”, so please Simon, can you send him a ‘Round Tuit’ so he has no more excuses!’ And Simon would then send them one.


The round toit dates back at least to the 70s probably farther.


Actual first documented case of them being mass produced and given away was the '64 World’s Fair in NY. (My grandfather was an engineer on some of the animatronics at the fair that that eventually ended up at Disney and used to have a stack of round toits from the fair).


Ha! That’s clever


Yeah, I found that out. You can see light faintly through the overlap in a couple of places.


60s, at least…

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I still own a “Round Toit” wooden coin my dad gave me that dates to the early 80’s. He travelled a lot, and got it from the Clarion Clipper Restaurant, wherever that was. It was good for 10% off a meal at the time.

I always thought it was a clever little thing. Seems like the sort of thing that would be best made with the stamp technique we’ve seen in other threads, if you plan to mass produce them.

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I think the production numbers will be 50 or so. They take about two minutes each, so they aren’t too long. Once I get the artwork all done I will just set up a sheet and run a sheet at a time.

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It’s a good thing it doesn’t just say “IT” or you’d need twice as many.




Yep, I remember when my Mom got a “round to-it”

though I can’t remember it making a difference in her to do list.

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