Making Simulations for Teaching

I came across this website in my search for understanding Torsion Balances in how Columb used them in order to understand how charged particles interacted with one another.

There was a simulation of a Plinko Probability which I thought was pretty fun, and something one could make in real-life. I was thinking one could easily use the laser to make a board with holes in it for the dowels to go in and slots to attach bins at the bottom!

But to be honest, I just thought it was a pretty awesome website that a lot of folks on here would enjoy.


This is really cool. I spent way too much time playing with the John Travoltage simulation


We use these all the time as supplementary materials in many of science classes at the high school where I teach. They are exceptionally helpful to the students.


They have HTML5 support. Yay!

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