Making some boxes for my test materials and cork mats for on my GF!

Hey! I’ve been lurking a lot on this forum for a while and I thought it might be time to contribute and share some of my things with you for others to lurk to :slight_smile: I’ve been using my GF for a month or two now (moderately since I have a very intensive study I’m trying to finish), and all the stuff I’m making quickly piles up in my tiny student dorm. Since I like things to be well organised I decided I would make a box for my test pieces, so they stay neatly together and I can find the one I need as quick as possible. It turned out to work great! I might engrave something on the front later on, still deciding on what exactly that would be though.

Also, since the Glowforge is my baby but I also like to keep things close to where I use them, I decided I would make a cork mat to protect the glass against scratches from magnets for the bed and other pieces of material I always have hanging around on top of it. Of course this mat should be al matchy matchy with the Glowforge itself, it would be a shame to cover up that nice pattern would it? Forgot the horizontal line where the camera threads are but what the heck. Stuck it to the GF with some painters tape to not damage the glass and voila! Now I can throw my stuff around in peace :smiley:

The files for the mats for the ones who are interested (I hope this works):


Those test tiles are super smart! I need to make a set since I spent over an hour writing down cut results with pencil and scrap board. Also, great idea with the cork covers!


Haha—clever idea to match the engraving on the cork, to the Glowforge pattern. Now you need an escutcheon for that button.

That’s a nice test tile organizer too!


I love this idea! I wouldnt have thought about cork to protect it but it looks so damn good like that!


Everybody getting so organized here is really depressing to someone like me who relies on memory to find where stuff was piled. (usually along the lines of Ok, if it isn’t here, then must be over there).

Love this idea. Would love to copy it, but I know my limitations.
Sadly, pile memory is my style.


If I would have to rely on my memory I will be looking for stuff 80% of my (already limited) forge time :stuck_out_tongue: You can say my memory is not my best feature

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Be warned, this tile took me almost an hour to set the correct settings for every square in the GF app :stuck_out_tongue: But at least you just have to do it once and then you can reuse it for all sorts of materials, so in the end it will be kind of time-efficient


oh, I really like how you did the angled slide-in channels in the box!


I’m totally wowed! Love your sample tray!