Making "template" to mold leather

We’re trying to make a mold to emboss leather around. i.e. circle that has the leather stretched around it and then another circular frame that goes around it to hold everything tight. Issue is that we can cut the circle, but it’s to tight, unable to press leather through. How, I guess I’m asking, do you make the cut wider (?) to allow the material between the two pieces? Much thanks in advance to this wonderful and helpful community

Have you read through the other threads regarding leather molds?


Instead of one ‘wide’ cut you make two separate cuts. The amount of offset depends on the thickness of your leather.


At some point, the radius of the inner circle plus the thickness of the leather should be the radius of the outer circle. If you used the inner radius and were careful, what you had left would still be a centered circle, whereas the outer circle recut might not be in the center of the result. if you mess up then cut another inner circle.

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