Making the largest circle possible on the glowforge

Update on the Circle : Hacked the Open Side lid with the Circle Magnets on both sides.

Dont try marking and replacing , that wont work well

You just need to get it to spin in place , , you can use hack a lazy Susan to accomplish this
Make sure you cut the material around your circle so that it can spin freely inside the machine.

If you have pull it out of the machine , you will never achieve a good result without having fix it outside the glowforge.

Once I had the spin set up : I had Perfect 19 Inch Circles.

Make sure you set the outline of Half Circle line to be the Size of the Kerf , that will bring in the Precision to the cut.

I think you could go slightly bigger than 19 but I needed this size for my projects.

Why not just use the passthrough function?

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