Making Weeding Acrylic Easier

I wanted to share a product that I have been using lately that makes weeding engraved acrylic projects really easy. Rapid Remover by RapidTac is designed for removing vinyl graphic residue. I tried on some laser engraved pieces and it worked beautifully. Just spray it on, let it sit for about a minute, and the masking literally wipes off the piece. Rinse under water to remove remaining residue, and you are done. I haven’t used it on proofgrade, but I used it on laserable acrylic with paper masking and with plastic masking and it worked great on both, causing no damage to the acrylic.


What is that stuff? Like what’s the active incredient?

According to the MSDS it contains ethanol, which may lead to long-term crazing of your acrylic.

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This is the MSDS for Rapid Remover:
It has several compounds in it, but not ethanol. You may have been looking up the MSDS for Rapid Tac, which is a different product by the same company that does contain ethanol.


I use Rapid Remover when removing vinyl graphics from vehicles and windows. It is a very effective product… but it is not meant for use on plastics.


Always nice to get new tips! And Welcome to the Community!!

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I just use a piece of acrylic to scrape off the masking. So far I haven’t seen any scratches.