Man of Steel

Just finished this gift for a friend. The Action Comic #1 image gets used a lot, and rightly so, but I am more of a glass artist, so I engraved it on a piece of recycled mirror. I like the looked, but it lacked the impact I was hoping for. The finished product is truly mixed media. The bold reds come from alcohol ink painted in the engraving. The subtler colors show through the engraving from a color print behind it. The “man of steel” needed a suitable frame, so “rub n buff”, which I learned about from helpful GF users :slightly_smiling_face:, gave a Goodwill scarred black frame metallic look. I love using my GF in my glass art.


Nice! The extra work you put into that really makes it pop!

I’m out of likes but you deserve one :blue_heart:


Here, use one of mine.

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That came out fantastic. Great job.

I’m thinking that might look cool cut out of actual steel…hmmmm

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I started off thinking wood. Then glass. So metal would be the next logical progression.

Really cool. I like how you added just a “pop” of color. Thanks for sharing.