'Man, The Glowforge would have made this a lot easier' Moment

So today I had to CNC out 208 32x50mm inserts out 6.35mm (1/4") acrylic for a commision. Nothing crazy- Just a cut out with a logo on the top. CAD/CAM took minutes but the actual op took about 40mins (with two tool changes). At the end during the clean up I had a ‘Crap the GF would have made this a lot easier, cleaner and most likely faster’ Moment.

Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE my CNC. BUT I am a firm believer of using the right tool for the right job. And the instance above would have been a good fit.


As someone living in a condo with a CNC, I can also attest that your neighbors will appreciate the lower noise of the Glowforge as well. :smile:


I had the same type of a project the other day on my CNC and the entire time I just kept thinking how much easier things like this will be once summer (hopefully) rolls around.

Tonight my wife had an idea for another project with a ton of small pieces and the first words out of my mouth were “That’s cool, but I’m gonna sit on that idea until I’ve got my laser.”

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Same here. I’ve got a bunch of projects I actually have the tools and supplies to do right now, that I’d just rather wait for the Glowforge to do. Should be easier and better (once I learn proper operation of course).

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Especially laser cutting on acrylic…there is no messy debris like with CNC…cant imagine using anything else…lol


Had another one of those instances where a laser cutter would have made a job a lot easier and significantly faster.

I truly hope there aren’t any additional delays. I’ve been refraining from purchasing a ‘interim’ laser in hopes that the GF arrives in a ‘timely’ matter. Though I am aware that the current shipping status is tentatively roughly by the end of Dec 31st. But it has been made clear that it still maintains the ‘We’ll ship when it’s done and ready’ status.

Initially back when the delay was announced, I figured the additional wait would not be a big deal- But having funds tied up on a product which was ‘sold’ shipping a lot sooner (Then delayed. Twice) and having actual use case scenarios cropping up daily is slowly becoming harder to swallow.

Anyway- I hope there are some kind of reinforcements in the form of a demo video or Q&A of actual ‘machine time’ sometime soon.

(Yes I realize there are beta units out there. But what I plan on using the machine has not been demoed. And further more- We are not allowed to ask the beta testers anything.)


Whoops! What did you want to see done with it?


I feel your frustration. I currently have a potential customer using a wood burner to mark his products one at a time.

With my current “full time” job still cutting back my hours it can be painful to see potential laser jobs escape one at a time. I’m really pulling for the Glowforge team in hopes that they deliver earlier because it could really make or break Christmas.

But alas, I look at the only laser I might be able to afford right now and really don’t want it.

I feel you man, really.


We’re overdue for that… I’ll ask @bailey to set up another livestream soon!


We have all been hanging on by our fingernails, some with an increasingly tenuous grip.
Inspiration in the form of demos would increase our purchase on the ledge.

Just a few side notes on any progress that has been achieved would help bolster our patience.
I think @karaelena and I share a desire to see the 3D engraving capability exemplified, but just more of the machine in action would be welcome!


had a wish I had a GF moment today, so making some bark for a party tomorrow. I use full sheet silicone matts. however I have no way to move them to the fridge. so I did a make shift using half sheets and cardboard to put a lip on the edge so that the chocolate wouldn’t roll out.

two half sheets means I couldn’t lift it easy had to keep them level it also meant things where very wobbly with hot melted liquid chocolate.

sure I could just buy a full sheet pan but where is the fun in that

If I had a GF I would have been able to fashion a full lift structure that would also include a lip.


Now I’m hungry. :smirk:


6 flavors all ghirardelli dark
Rice Krispy
Cinnamon toast crunch
fruity pebbles
graham cracker + mini marshmallows


Oh, no…not… Rice Krispies!!!



well that looks amazingly delicious.

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Bespoke party charms for table decorations. These were at a wedding reception dinner on the table. O boy!