Mandala, anyone?

Just a small test, wanted to see how fine I could go. As you can see, pretty darn thin!

This is a variation of the Sri Yantra mandala, also known as the Navayoni Chakra.

The source graphic:


very cool it is impressive how small you can make things with a laser

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Thank you for providing the file. I just had someone request a mandala of some sort today, this helps a lot!


When I did a similar thin piece I had major overburn on the back. How did yours hold up?

Beautiful cuts! (You could make your own tray grid - they look pretty close.) :smile:

I meant to take a pic but there was none - it was very clean compared to the top/front, which is what you see in the pic.

Full disclosure, I had removed the masking on the back side (not the front). That might make a difference?


Ah! Went to use machine and the crumbs from that mandala cut were still on the tray, so I took a pic showing the front and back sides - the inner ring is the front, with masking still applied. The outer ring is the back which was cut with no masking (front is similar to inner ring)- same on pieces above, the one with charring is the front with masking still in place.

It goes without saying that if you remove the masking, both sides are clean.

Neat! Especially impressed by the success at cutting the tiny triangular holes.