Mandalorian Coasters

Made these coasters for my friends addicted to the Mandalorian… and then created a Grogu coaster for the kids! Used some Baltic Birch and then did an epoxy pour to protect the top. After my third set, I created a template out of cardboard to help center the cork rounds on the back. This is also my first attempt at selling on Etsy. Guess we will see how it goes! Big thanks to the Glowforge community for all the great ideas and posts.


Very nicely done. Welcome to the community!

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This is the way

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Like the way the coasters came out and I imagine your kids love them.

I have heard a lot of tales with Disney being a mama bear about their product line. NFL and others also seem to go all in when protecting sales of their brand.
On the other hand I see Disney all over up there, so…
You may want to talk to others or look into the license options if you have not done so yet and save some heartache.