Manual control of fans?

Will there be a way to turn off the fans to avoid unwanted airflow? I have some very light material that I’m worried won’t stay in place while being cut and a sticky surface to keep it in place will not work as it’s very fragile. Cuts would be very, very short.


Are magnets not an option either?

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probably not as the material is quite quite small.

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Dan mentioned in a few posts how the fan was on or off, so I`m guessing it can be controlled.


I think this one is in the hopper already


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the fan has a separate plug. could just unplug it?

I think the filter may have a separate plug (maybe not even that?) but I don’t think the internal fans will.

We don’t have that as a planned feature at ship time, but it’s already in the hopper as something we’ve thought about. Appreciate hearing your use case as that helps us understand the need for it.


Awesome. I can probably figure out workarounds. :slight_smile: While we’re talking hopper ideas related to fan control having a way to have it off during the cut and then doing a quick dump of the air in the laser after the cut would be helpful. A way of removing all movement during the cut and then getting rid of the smoke. :slight_smile: Just a thought


I don’t know that the GF is air-tight enough for that to work (especially the pro), and if is, I wonder if the increased amount of smoke would mess with the optics.


On the subject of workarounds, how about getting some laserable magnetic sheets, and custom cut something that will grip softly and be much easier to remove gently than the neodymium ones, yet hold down the material close to the actual cuts?


Does the piece use a mask? Then you could have a large mask that can be held with the magnets (as long as you can still find the “piece” underneath).

Are we talking turning off the venting/cooling air or the air assist?

This might also be a use case for tabs :slight_smile:

@dan, anyone working with small paper projects will have the same need. I hope this gets added soon!

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"danStaffJan 11
I put “override the air assist fan” in the feature hopper for y’all. :slightly_smiling:

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At least it was added to the hopper a long time ago, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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