Manual Engrave without Tray on GF pro

I have 3 Jenga blocks stacked ontop of each other taped on the sides. The stacked height is approx. 1.73 inches. When I go to non-prograde material to put in the height of 1.73 inches, it changed back to 0.500 inches. Does anyone know what it does not keep the manual height of 1.73 inches? This the first time I’m trying a non-prograde material without the tray.

The tray is about 1.4” so you need to subtract 1.73-1.4 and enter a height of 0.33”. This is just an estimate as the tray zero height can vary between machines but it should be close.

Ahhhh. ok, That seems to be working.
I was confused when the dialog box came up and displayed ‘if the tray is removed, the object has to be between 1.5 - 2.0 inches.’
Thank you.

I was testing using other materials. see attached. and thanks again for the information.



Glad I could be of help, they look great!

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