Manual focus and getting "An error occurred on your glowforge"

Getting this error on Manual Focus, but not if I just select material.

If I select a material and hit print, it works fine.
If I set the material and then manually focus it works fine.
If I just manually focus, it dies.

Things I have tried:
Clear Cookies
Restart Browser
Restart Glowforge
Check and reseat the connector on the laser head
Clean all the lenses
Swapped Material

The only time I’ve seen that is when I don’t have material selected. I just select anything from the list and it goes away. Been that way for years.


I’ll add that many times I am unable to enter anything in the custom material box. It just doesn’t respond, locked out. I’ve never figured that out. Same in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and even on my phone and tablets in Chrome and Safari. No rhyme or reason, so I just work around it using any regular material then set focus.


Weird. I never seem to have encountered it before. I must have always had something selected.

I am having the same issue too…even with selecting the material or manual

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Also not loving the fact that when I submit a support ticket, I get a page that asks me to sign into Zen Desk. My forum account password does not work, so I am guessing I need a separate Zen Desk account. I am also guessing whatever information I submitted has gone to the great support queue in the sky.

Bored now.

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I’m having the same issue
Started doing it sporadically, not everytime, but I would have to set focus 2 or 3 times and it would work on the 2nd or 3rd attempt… now it has simply stopped. lenses are clean, browser refreshed, cookies clean… no dice.

Did you get this resolved? They should be able to fix that in no time…

My machine stopped working entirely a couple of weeks later and had to be swapped out.

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