Manufacturing defect in wood

Dear Support,

I’ve received a sheet of Thick Basswood Ply with a manufacturing defect in it…


As you can see, the hole goes straight through the entire sheet from top to bottom, making that section unusable. I had that happen to be once before on another plywood. Guess it happens sometimes.

Please credit me for the sheet.

Thanks! And have a glowing day!

  • Tom
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Looks like a material swap splice made during manufacturing. Quality control does miss things like this at times. Wood, wire, almost anything mass produced.

Nice to catch it before that 2.5 hour design.


Oh, sure… It happens. Like I said, it happened to me on another :proofgrade: piece once. And, yeah, it was after I’d produced something for a client. I ended up having to redo the items that were in that section. So I just got a shipment of materials this morning and figured I’d take a look at the edges. Seems like when this happens, it’s all the way through.

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Do they credit for things like this? I cut something from cherry ply yesterday and a couple of the pieces had black indented streaks in them.

They stand behind their products. You’d have to show it was a manufacturing defect (which you can see mine was). So you should open your own ticket and show your evidence. If it’s legit I can’t imagine you won’t get credit for it.

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Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ve passed along your feedback so we can continue to strive toward a consistent Proofgrade experience. If you have any other questions or feedback, please let us know by opening a new topic or reaching out to