Many of the Christmastime burns and projects

Some of these are items I’ve posted earlier, some are new. Just wanted to post a consolidated listing.

Snowflake ornaments:

Ballet01 Ballet02

Porcelain ornaments:


Other ornaments:

With laser:

Since the nativity ornament was shared, I had to make one for my mother.

Some miscellaneous engraves:

Coasters Nippy Pic01 Pic02 Pic03 Pic04 Polish Wolfie

Taken to sanding some of my slate. Smoother surface with less risk of engraving getting rubbed out.

Sanding slate does its own thing where padauk gives cheeto.

Working on testing a metal inlay. When I managed to pop it out with a fingernail, I glued it back in, then went back to sanding.

Smarties for my nephew.


Something for me.



Cat recharge is completed:


Your photo engraves look great! (And the candies!) :smile:
(Your kitty just looks scary!)

He just finished recharging. What can I say?


You just reminded me that I wanted to make some ornaments for the workers at our local office! It’s pretty small with like 4 people in there, so it won’t be too difficult, but it’s passed the holidays, so maybe some thank you keychains will suffice :sweat_smile:

They’re rockstars in there, and I used to be irritated that they would never try to deliver packages too large for the mailbox, but I changed my perspective to being grateful because there are a lot of homeless people who wander down my street. I only need to show up and they know what I’m there for! They were seriously the best to my wife who was dropping off all of the holiday orders I was making.

Also, great work, you’ve got quite a bit of decent projects there!

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Nice variety!

I like the Smarties! And that’s a pretty unique cat charger.

Told my nephew I’d burn him something as long as it was laser safe. Left it very open ended. He picked Smarties When I asked what to put on them, he said to make them say “Eat Me”

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I got a cake with a custom script for a coworker’s going-away party with the same phrase. I was successfully able to pass it off by keeping a very straight face and telling them they had an Alice in Wonderland theme at the store, and wouldn’t do any custom cakes. The looks on their faces still makes me laugh, almost 20 years later.

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The narwhal is great! I love it.

What’s the metal stuff in the paw print inlay?

plumbers solder.

I had them put “Directions:” before it. Kept me covered from a complaint, and made HR cringe. So many laughs…

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