Map not centering :(

I’ve calibrated, I’ve focused and I thought I have the map centered on the project, but it’s printing about an inch too far towards the front of the machine. I am using a 12x20 piece of birch basswood. I’m engraving a map. It just isn’t centering between the left and right of the board. I’m placing the board to the left and then to the front of the crumb tray just covering the grids towards the front of the machine. What could I be doing wrong?

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The camera shows the usable area of the bed - not the entire bed. If you look at the printhead in the home position, you will notice there is material behind the printhead and to the left of the printhead that cannot physically be accessed. The maximum cutting area of the bed is approximately 10.9" x 19.425" and this is reduced if there is engraving because the printhead needs room at each margin to slow down, stop and reverse course. Orient your material and artwork relative to the lower right hand corner or the honeycomb tray.


I thought it was to the left-hand corner. I understand it can only cut to those dimensions. Its not centering on the 12" side. There is a /14" margin one side and about 1.25" margin on the other side.

The printhead cannot move any further left than the home position. There will always be a bigger margin on the left. Here is a helpful file that when properly placed outlines the actual usable area of the bed. GF Bed Bounding Box


0-0 measured is not near the edge of the board. If you put a horizontal and vertical line moved to the limits of what can show to be cut to the top and left side and score those cuts you will have a board showing where the available cutting really is. If you then want to make a sign using the entire board and are willing to not have the design go to the edge, then that scored sheet will help you find that center.

Thank you for the help!! For the time being I just cut it out to make it centered :slight_smile:

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