Maple hardwood without finish

Has anyone else had recent :proofgrade: maple hardwood with seemingly no finish, especially compared to other hardwoods and previous pieces of maple?

FYI Support - I have a handful of pieces of :proofgrade: maple hardwood and it seems like none of them have a quality finish that previous pieces did or that other current hardwoods have.

I suppose I have to contact my customers and encourage them to choose another type of wood as I do not feel comfortable sending this :frowning:

i had a similar issue with a large order of cherry ply.

I thought only the plywood was finished.

Well you deserve a lot of shop credits then if you’ve used any :proofgrade: hardwoods!

Yes & unfortunately I did not know until I ran a project.

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I toss on a coat of matt or semigloss in any case as the cut places at least have no finish and it would not be a surprise if the hand cleaner I use to clean them removed some coatings anyway.

Could I get an answer from support about this? If I order more :proofgrade: Maple hardwood, will it have a finish on it?

I’m so sorry for the late response.

We’ve followed up in your email to us about this and we’ve resolved it there, so I’m going to close this topic.