Maps, Maps, Maps

I got it from, and then spent a lot of time on cleanup, converting lines to outlines, etc.


In my experience, it’s not so much the actual disk size of the file, but the complexity and amount of the motion planning involved.


A map lover since I was little … these are really awesome!

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These are great! I love the city map over the mirror. Nice touch!

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I love maps!

These are both wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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not much to add, except great job!

What wonderful maps! Looks like you need to put a pin on Portland :slight_smile:

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Wow, those are absolutely amazing. Nice, nice, nice job.

As is my advocation, I shall now steal all your ideas: Done.

Thank you for patronizing the Idea Thief.


Thankfully, we have a free exchange of ideas here. It is the question of actual content that gets bought and sold.

…or possibly stolen.

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Here is a nice site that has World Map files in various projections plus various options for the Central Meridian including one at 90 degrees which is thru central USA @Jules.

Files include both lines and polygons so you can do line and fill work.

There are also highly detailed files for the Continental U.S. and all states.


Indeed! As I try to be as fair a Thief as possible, I hope to provide as much if not more ideas back for others to steal.


Indeed, I’ve already started that process.

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Gah! You beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, it looks gorgeous! I was planning on doing a project like that for portland, but that is way better than I was planning. Well done!

Oooh! Thanks for the link! That will come in handy! :grinning:

wow, impressive! Even better because it’s Portland <3

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Love it! Nice job, and the corkboard is a great idea.

I’m planning on doing maps when I get my GF, and by chance I’m also in Portland. :slight_smile: But one thing that concerned me a little was that file size; it didn’t look like a complex vector file at all, and <2MB seems like it shouldn’t choke anything. I’m actually now pretty concerned that the maps I’m doing - which I estimate will have more than 3,000 distinct bezier curve paths - may not be printable.

Anybody else having issues with complex vector files not working?

Very creative! Love them all. I’ll have to watch for more info on this size, memory, path planning issue. Might be nice if GF, or once of our owners, did a tutorial on how to best manage this.

I really love these, fantastic job!

@kelly1, I’m not sure what software you are using to do all your vector editing. I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator as I am more familiar with it. There is an option to “simplify” a path (Object->Path-Simplify), and give it degrees and precentage of error to keep the path within, that helps quite a bit in making the file a lot easier to process.

Currently, your :glowforge: can take any file that takes up to 3 hours to print. If it takes longer, it usually manifests itself as an error when “preparing your file” after you hit the print button, and it scans your material.

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A separate issue I had was that designs that had a bunch of elements would take forever to render. The interface treated each as a separate repositionable item. The fix was to put a bounding box of a different color around everything, then set that box to “ignore”. The interface then treated everything within the box as a single item and it rendered quickly.