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I also use Illustrator. The paths are hand-drawn, and could probably be optimized a bit, but they’re being drawn exactly as they need to be output. Good to know about the 3 hours guideline.

Another option is to make groups of the vectors different colors. Then you can ignore all but one color and print that. Then ignore all but the next color and print. Repeat for each color.


Where did you source your USA map data? I made a US States puzzle for my son using the maps from, but it required quite a bit of massaging and even some Python Inkscape extension coding to get it into a laserable state.

I used this one because it only has a single line between each state, rather than each state being its own shape, which leads to double cuts/scores:


Have you created a world map version? I’d really love to see it or perhaps purchase the file from you!

oooh was thinking of doing something like this for my shop thought it was neat. I’ve seen something else where there’s scratch offs for each state you’ve been to.

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Has anyone used Corkboard 1/4 from amazon? I’m having trouble cutting all the way through it. I’ve tried several settings. Just curious if anyone has cut it. Thanks