Marking and Bending "finished" Stainless


Rimex Metals sent me a small sample pack with two finished stainless steel blanks.

First one gave me an interesting coloration with one pass at my anodized aluminum settings.

Second one didn’t blink, so I went slower. Then more power. Then slower with more power. I was making a mark, and it looked good in some spots, but not in others. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to run a pass at the slowest speed and Full Power at 340 LPI.
Lol, the metal warped.




Looks more like Cooper Black to me. :wink:




The burn-through on the back of the green card does kinda look like one of the Cooper fonts. It is actually Alfa Slab One.

@dwardio it’s not a trebuchet until I can find some gorram string and make a sling. At the moment its more of an awkwardly-rolling pendulum.