Marking mica?

Has anyone got info on potentially using the GF to mark sheets of mica? I’m mildly hoping that perhaps I can initiate microscopic fractures.

I can find some evidence online of people using a CO2 laser on mica, but most of the actual data seems to come from fiber lasers so it’s not really useful. I can find some reflectance charts, but they all seem to top out around 2600nm.

…and while finding some random person using a CO2 laser on a piece of mica is encouraging, I’m not exactly enthused about putting something in my machine without knowing if it’s going to act as a mirror at these wavelengths, so I figured I’d ask first…

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Without knowing otherwise, I expect just the opposite.
Mica ought to be transparent at IR wavelengths - think heating elements wound around it.
John :upside_down_face:

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