Marshmallow score

So I decided to try scoring a marshmallow. I saw some previous posts by people and thought it looked fun.
I will say that I tried this at a little higher power (30) and it crystallizes the sugar, so I found the less power made it a little bit more legible. I also enlarged the words later and they were more legible.
Speed: 200
Power:23 (20 was ok, but a bit lighter)
Height: .125
I also used a riser that was 3d printed. Measures .39 H

My first try (20 power). A bit light.

(23 power) Wasn’t centered real good, but marshmallow was also a bit wonky. lol


We can only discuss material settings in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. I will move this post to that section.


Thanks, i love this:-). I need to do this for the kids when we go camping!!


Hmmm, I’m going camping in the not too distant future - this was a timely reminder!

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Fun times!!

That’s a pretty cool idea! Now you’re going to have to put everyone’s name on each on so there’s no fighting over who gets what. :slight_smile: