Marvel calendar split design plus video

I had a heck of a time trying to get @kyle_emerick’s Marvel Calendar to print at anything more than 6". It would hang on “processing your design” every time. Using the same vector SVG, scaled below 6" it was fine, but above 6", it would crash the GFUI. GF support claimed they couldn’t handle the extra processing, which I’d have to argue is pretty lame! If the work area is 11x19.5, I want to be able to use it all at once! But I digress. To get around this issue, I split the design up into three separate sections, using techniques described here:

Uploaded here is the result. Note that I removed Spider Man and replaced him with a friend of mine, so you may not want to print this one yourself; it’s really just to illustrate the idea.

If you’re careful about not moving the workpiece, you can run the print as three separate jobs and get around the GF size limitation. This technique might be useful to those of you looking to make larger creations. This size problem only seems to affect vector images; I could convert to raster and print any size, but the quality of the raster engrave is considerably lower than the vector output (regardless of all different raster resolution and engrave settings I tried.)

Here’s a time-lapse of engraving the lid of a laptop with this design. Thanks Kyle!



Glad you were able to work through!

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Very cool, that video turned out great! Do I have your permission to repost it?


This will be useful on many projects

Nice work!

At this point, it’s not really “complexity” that is the issue but buffered length of time. The GF’S print buffer hold around 3 hours worth of commands. If you go over that, it errors out. It’s one of those “we’re getting to it” features as the plan is to have it stream new instructions into the buffer as the GF is printing.
Just, not yet.

Well, that’s interesting. I’ve heard the “3 hours” limit thrown around before, but when you break this print into three pieces, each one takes less than 35 minutes to print. So that’s about an hour and a half total. Hmmmm…

Well… ¯_(ツ)_/¯ got me on that one then. Usually, if something works smaller, it isn’t due to too complex via node count because then it just wouldn’t work at all. Making bigger increases travel distance = more time.
But if as you point out its 35 min a section…you’ve got my kitty lives curious.

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When I printed my slightly modified version, I did multiple passes for depth, but the whole thing printed fine in a single go at 10.9” diameter. I can’t remember my settings, but I recall it took about an hour per full pass.