Marvelous Toy. Help

The other day I was listening to the song “Marvelous Toy” by Peter, Paul and Mary and others. When it occurred to me that I should try to build that toy. So I listed to the song several times taking note of the description. The only part of the idea that was sort of clear was maybe it marched and that make it look like a classic German nutcracker. At that point my mind went blank
Is anybody interested in colluding on the design and build?
Thanx, Craig

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Sounds like a Transformer. :smile:

Kinda, it has to zip when it walks and bob when it stops… have two yellow buttons and a lid that twists etc. Oh and some kind of power/programming

Oh, it’s one of those waddling rubber ducky pull toys. With a spinning head. No prob.

I think you’re being too literal about the “marching.” I think it simply means that it moved at a steady pace/cadence. Whatever it is, the author didn’t recognize it even as an adult, so I just imagined a colorful domed toy with wheels. The dome twists and there are two big green buttons on the bottom. That’s all I’ve got.