Mask it or casket

I have a box of disposable masks in my car just in case. The other day I walked out of the store and some guy had a plastic bag over his head. He was trying to tear some eye holes in it. I asked him if he needed a mask and gave him a couple.

Today I decided I needed to make a box for them instead of the flimsy cardboard box they came in, so…


Not only kind, but funny as well!



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ROTFLMAO!!! Awesome— love it.

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Great job! Nice to keep a sense of humor in these times.


Thanks for the laughs.

The casket killed my Glowforge. :cry: It was five to ten minutes into the engrave and it died without any message other than print stopped. I sent a message to support and after looking at the logs they responded with the usual. When I pulled the print head off the carriage the ribbon cable flopped off. It looks like the tab want fully engaged. I’m amazed it went so long without popping off.

So now I’m back to making some caskets for friends. :smiley:


Wait, wut?

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