Mask Rack/Caddy

Long time skulker, first time sharer.

Here is a design I made for a mask rack/caddy for by our front door. I got tired of all our masks being shoved in a drawer, and wanting be sure clean masks were ready to wear, and dirty masks had a place to “quarantine” to be washed. Overall, it ended up bigger than I expected (my brain does think in 3D well), but I still liked how it turned out. I learned a ton about Illustrator and making repeating patterns that are vectors, so that was a bonus!

Basic box designed then I extended the sides, added the cross bar, hooks, lid, handle, and little posts to hold the lid up. The posts are wood-glued in place.

Made from 3mm baltic birch (Amazon) and PG medium clear acrylic (lid/crossbar). Most everything taps/snaps together easily without glue, though I did glue the handle to the lid because it was a bit loose, but I altered the file before sharing so yours should fit more snugly. However, still couldn’t hurt to add a little glue. I wood-glued it inside the joint, then added a bit of super glue on the bottom.

For the posts/lid, I only originally print out 4 posts, but felt the center would begin to sag so added 3 more posts (one on either side of the heart cutout + one middle of the other wall). The file has 8 total posts, in case you want it exactly even.

ALSO–please note, my non-3D brain didn’t catch which piece was the center divider so mine has the heart cutout on the back rather than the center where I’d intended–I have fixed this in the file so be aware that yours won’t be exactly like mine, but it can be, just move the heart.

Free for personal use only



Very nice! Thanks for the share!


Thanks for sharing! I really like the pattern you incorporated!


Thanks for the share. This is great.


Mask management is indeed a job … one that you have in hand. Very nice.

Love the patterns you’ve added. Thank you for sharing your work.


Thank you for this practical cut. I am sure many will find it quite useful - and it is beautiful.


Looks like some one else might be double masking, too! :+1:


Wow, gorgeous! Thanks!